Spiritual Handcuffs
April 6, 2017
Matt Tuttle – Silver Cup
July 6, 2017
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2017 TOR San Benito


Thur – Doug White – Gods posture – We find in the Bible that God is a spirit yet there are references made to him sitting, standing, reclining, reaching plus more. What does this mean to a believer? The answers come in the message from Doug White

Fri – John Hopkins – Praising into your purpose – Praise may be the most preached about word in the Bible. How does praise really effect your life. John Hopkins will explain how praise will allow you passage to your purpose.

Sat – Gordon Poe – Don’t let the wound kill – Judas is almost always referred to in a negative sense. Was Judas always evil and if not what happened to him? Gordon Poe preaches about the Judas that nobody refers to.

San Benito TOR 2017

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