2017 The Well Tyler
October 16, 2017
The Keepers of the Glory
October 30, 2017
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2017 The Well McLeod


Judy Gandy | When Your Comfort Zone is No Longer Comfortable
We all have a comfort zone in our lives but everyone experiences those times hwen trauma thrusts itself into that zone. How do you deal with that comfortable feeling when the comfort zone becomes extremely uncomfortable.

Dedie Cooley | The Keepers of the Glory
Kings were known for having those servants that were responsible for making sure the treasures of his kingdom were safe. God’s glory must be kept safe. Keepers of the Glory is an extremely powerful message that you would not want to miss.

Gordon Poe | I Want to be a Great Brick
Brick was an invention that changed the building process of the entire world. Roads, houses, walls etc were made out of brick. In modern times we have discovered that the brick still remains strong from that era. Listen to Bro. Poe enlighten you on the power of Jacob’s well which has withstood the elements for 1,770 years but has remained strong.

The Well Conference McLeod

Judy Gandy – When Your Comfort Zone Is No Longer Comfortable CD, Dedie Cooley – The Keepers Of The Glory CD, Gordon Poe – I Want To Be A Great Brick CD, CD Full Set